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Item #1


Protect Those You Care For!

CofixRX is the additional layer of protection trusted by hundreds of pharmacists and doctors nationwide.

CofixRX is a safe and effective Povidone-Iodine nasal spray proven to boost your immune system and help protect against germs and pathogens.

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Item #2

For an Additional Layer of Protection – Especially Useful For…

  • Healthcare & Essential Workers
  • Travel
  • High Risk Individuals
  • Recreational Activities
  • Educators & Students
  • Food, Retail & Entertainment

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Item #3

Obtain Peace of Mind With an Additional Layer of Protection.

Safe & Trusted

Developed by a team of eight board-certified doctors, CofixRX was developed with ingredients known to hold a long track record of safety and efficacy.

Powerful Protection

CofixRX boost the body’s own immune system and helps protect the body from germs and pathogens.

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Item #4

General Product Description

Povidone Iodine — the active ingredient in CofixRX — has been used by doctors for decades as an effective antiseptic/antipathogen. Iodine is a powerful essential mineral that destroys pathogens, bacteria, fungi and parasites. The body needs Iodine, but does not naturally produce it. The most common source of iodine is found in seaweed. CofixRX combines the active ingredient with vitamin D3–another essential ingredient found in seaweed.

Item #5

How It Works?

Here’s how germs and pathogens spread, and how CofixRX works to protect:

One of the main ways germs and pathogens spread is during close contact.

  1. An infected person coughs, sneezes, or breathes, releasing particles into the air.
  2. For those close enough to the droplets, the particles are then breathed in and travel into their sinuses and make their way to the nasopharynx — where the nasal cavity and throat meet.
  3. CofixRx creates an additional protective antipathogenic barrier around the nasopharynx, inactivating germs/pathogens and providing a layer of protection from infection and transmission.

Item #6

Common Q&A

Will CofixRX prevent me from getting sick?
CofixRX will reduce the likelihood of infection by deactivating a substantial portion of germs and pathogens. CofixRX will also reduce the chances of transmitting diseases to others.

Does CofixRX replace masks, vaccination or social distancing?
CofixRX is designed to work synergistically with masks, social distancing, vaccination and other CDC recommended mitigation efforts. CofixRX provides an additional layer of protection.

Is CofixRX safe?
Povidone iodine, the product’s active ingredient, has been used as an antiseptic by surgeons and other professionals for decades. Multiple medical studies have proven that Povidone iodine is regarded as safe and effective.

Who is this for?
CofixRX is especially useful for at-risk populations, essential workers and places where social distancing can be challenging such as hospitals, schools, airports, restaurants, shops, movie theaters, bowling alleys, family gatherings and others.

Item #7

Approved Blurbs (Call to Action Inserts)

CofixRX™ Povidone Iodine Nasal Spray is available for pick up (or delivery) at [YOUR PHARMACY NAME] and can be added to your order.

CofixRX™ (povidone–iodine) was developed by a team of eight board-certified doctors. Povidone–iodine has been used as an antiseptic by surgeons and other professionals for many years. Povidone–iodine is in the well-known antiseptic, Betadine.

CofixRX™ nasal spray combines 1.25% povidone–iodine with vitamin D3.

Interested in Purchasing from [YOUR PHARMACY NAME]? Please call or text us at [YOUR PHARMACY PHONE] if you want to add it to your Rx pickup or delivery.